Leyland Cypress Tree




With an annual growth rate that can exceed 4 feet each year, the Leyland Cypress is the cream of the crop when it comes to evergreens. This fast-growing tree is the go-to for creating a dense privacy screen, with its natural pyramidal shape and soft, scratch-free foliage.

Occasionally a few of our plants don’t live up to our high standards
They might be a bit crooked or missing some limbs, but they are still quality plants that need a home! So we’ve discounted them heavily to make room for fresh inventory…given the nature of these plants, we are not able to offer our standard warranty but hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to give them a home!


And its commanding presence is second to none.Although the Leyland’s first year of growth will be slower as it begins to develop strong root systems, you can see measurable growth the first growing season and skyrocketing growth in subsequent years. Your young trees will look thinner, but give them time to fill in – you won’t be disappointed.

Plus, our Leyland Cypress features the best traits of two plants for a superior tree.For more than 130 years, the tried-and-true qualities of the Leyland Cypress come from two distinctive trees: Fast growth and sturdy branching from the Monterey Cypress, and a pyramidal habit from the Alaska False Cypress.

But without question, the Leyland Cypress Tree’s most valuable quality is the fact that it’s a living privacy fence.A row of Leyland Cypress Trees defines property lines as a living fence. Leyland Cypress trees also provide a sound and windbreak buffer, which is perfect if you live on a noisy street or at a busy intersection.

Even better? It grows naturally into the perfect shape.If prefer low maintenance, you’ll love the Leyland Cypress! Its natural growth needs no pruning whatsoever to maintain its perfect shape. And the rich green hue of the evergreen foliage is complemented by a slightly bluish-gray cast, so each tree provides year-round color to enliven your landscape, even in the dead of winter.

Whether you’re planting for privacy or trimming greenery to make garlands at the holidays, the Leyland Cypress Tree is the picture of versatility.This elegant tree ticks all the boxes of luxuriant landscape style, with low-maintenance and lush greenery to boot.