Hidcote Purple Lavender Shrub




Hidcote Lavender is so popular because of its:

  • Sweet fragrance
  • Brilliant color
  • Low-maintenance
  • Looks great anywhere

Perfume for the Yard and Beyond

Hidcote Lavender gives you an abundance of purple blooms that will fill up your yard with color and fragrance.


Very Versatile- Enjoy it a Number of Ways

You can cut some of your stems and put them in a vase for an indoor air-freshener. You can even dry it out to make potpourri. Just be sure you have enough- we recommend planting in groups of 3 or 5.

Looks Great Anywhere

You often see lavender as border plants or in containers on patios. They’re even drought tolerant, deer resistant… and they repel mosquitoes!

Simple to Grow and Maintain

Your Hidcote Lavender requires little maintenance. Prune a little after it flowers to encourage bushy growth.